Federal Government

United States Senate     http://www.senate.gov
United States House of Representatives     http://www.house.gov

State Government

State of Illinois     http://www.illinois.gov
Illinois General Assembly     http://www.ilga.gov
State Board of Elections     http://www.elections.il.gov

County Government

County of Cook     https://www.cookcountyil.gov
Cook County Commissioner Sean M. Morrison     https://www.seanmorrison.com

Township Government

Township of Palos    http://www.palostownship.org

Local Governments

Village of Bridgeview     http://www.bridgeview-il.gov
City of Hickory Hills     http://hickoryhillsil.org
City of Palos Heights     http://www.palosheights.org
City of Palos Hills     http://www.paloshillsweb.org
Village of Palos Park     http://www.palospark.org
Village of Worth     http://www.villageofworth.com

Party Resources

Republican National Committee     https://www.gop.com
National Republican Congressional Committee     http://www.nrcc.org
National Republican Senatorial Committee     http://www.nrsc.org
Illinois Republican Party     https://illinois.gop
Illinois House Republican Organization     http://www.ilhousegop.org
Illinois Senate Republican Campaign Committee     http://www.ilsenategop.com
Cook County Republican Party     http://www.cookrepublicanparty.com